DevOps Con Tbilisi 2019
5-6 October

On the 5-6th of October a technology conference – DevOps Con Tbilisi 2019 will be held in Ilia State University!

The event welcomes DevOps leaders, system administrators, integrators, programmers, architects and generally, everyone from technology world who create and deploy software products.

DevOps Con Tbilisi 2019 conference will present the advantages of DevOps culture; opportunities and tools for greatly increasing team effectiveness.

DevOps is changing the IT world and sets the path for successful business transformation. Join DevOps Con Tbilisi to learn about the latest tools, technologies, trends and methodologies for building and maintaining resilient, scalable and secure systems.

Address: Chavchavadze Ave 32, building B, B201 room. (Entrance from building A).
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Conference Topics:
  • Container Technologies
  • Microservices
  • CI – Continuous Integration – Test and build automation
  • CD – Continuous Delivery
  • Monitoring and Analytics
  • Security
  • Other. E.g.: DataOps, OS, Automation, OS Orchestration,…


Feel free to JOIN US! 🙂
Speaker registration deadline is August 20, 2018.

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Organizing Team

Erekle Magradze

Lead DevOps & Data Scientist

Erekle Magradze has experience of 11+ years within IT industry. His areas of expertise are IT Operations, Planning and Large Scale Distributed Systems Architecture/Design, organizing development and deployment processes and their automation. He has experience in DevOps, DataOps, SecOps, also he is an expert in BigData systems and Data Engineering area. He is a strong supporter of OpenSource policy.

Vazha Pirtskhalaishvili

DevOps Engineer

Vazha has 8 years of working experience with linux and OpenSource applications. Currently he works at Bank of Georgia as  a Head of DevOps unit. He is interested in microservices and container architecture, automation and Cloud Computing.

Elene Latsoshvili

Software Architect

Language agnostic software developer with 11+ years of experience. Freelance Toptal developer. Blogger at Highly interested in work process automation.

Please, visit DevOps Con Tbilisi 2018 web-site to view videos and resources from last year’s event.

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Giorgi Mukhigulashvili

Giorgi Mukhigulashvili

Lead DevOps Engineer

Giorgi is a member of Lykke Business team. He has been working as a Devops Engineer for 6 years. Enjoys planning an architecture and building large scale reliable and scalable, resilient infrastructures from scratch, monitoring and CI/CD tools.

Microservices vs Monolithic Architecture. What is Kubernetes
Giorgi will tell us about Microservices architecture, Docker, container and container orchestration. He will introduce us with Kubernetes, Ingress, Promotheus and Grafana. Giorgi will describe what is Pod and Replica Set deployment, how Kubernetes distributes pods to servers and how network works.
Lado Gholijashvili

Lado Gholijashvili

Junior DevOps Engineer

Lado is a Junior DevOps Engineer at Bank of Georgia. He has 2+ years of experience in IT, is always curious about new technologies and ways to simplify our lives, mostly interested in automation, containers and cloud technologies.

IaC with Terraform
Lado will talk about what Iac is in general, how it helps engineers to easily keep track of current infrastructure in the cloud and will demonstrate a simple demo of deploying infrastructure in cloud(AWS) with terraform.
Papuna Gagnidze

Papuna Gagnidze

Automation / DevOps Engineer

Papuna is an Automation / DevOps Engineer with 4 years of experience. He has experience as a team lead in an agency environment, working on end-to-end tests, designing architecture and implementing highly scalable systems using dockerized microservices. Throughout his career he has worked on mobile banking apps, cloud management platforms, navigation apps and event management software.



Building Blocks of Future Applications
Deployed VMs mostly perform single function such as acting as a database, web server, DNS server and so on. However virtualization technologies have not caught up to this trend. This represents a real opportunity for optimization, which brings us to Unikernels. Unikernel is an executable image that contains application code, as well as only the operating system functions required by that application. Result is reduced resource footprints, reduced attack surface and faster load times.
Maksim Iavich

Maksim Iavich

CEO and President at Scientific Cyber Security Association

Maksim Iavich has a PhD. in mathematics, is a professor of computer science at the Caucasus University and a head of cyber security direction. He is a CEO & President of Scientific Cyber Security Association (SCSA). Maksim is an affiliate professor and the head of cyber security direction in Caucasus University. He is a cyber security consultant in Georgian and international organizations. He used to be the invited speaker at international cyber security conferences and is the organizer of many scientific cyber security events. He has scientific awards in a cyber security field. Maksim is the author of many scientific papers. The topics of the papers are: cyber security, cryptography, post-quantum cryptography, quantum cryptography, mathematical models and simulations.

Cybersecurity and Automation
The presentation will cover main concepts, directions and challenges of cyber security. The automation processes and its vulnerabilities will be analyzed from the cyber security perspective. Maksim will discuss the main advantages and disadvantages of automation.
Roman Akopov

Roman Akopov

Head of DevOps at Space Neo Bank

Roman Akopov is a head of DevOps at the first fully digital banking system in Georgia – Space Neo Bank. He also works implementing the Space Neo Bank project in Uzbekistan. Roman has been working in the leading financial organizations for years.

You Are The Weakest Link
Roman will present how human error affects operational risks and will discuss the solutions for preventing the problem mentioned above.
Revaz Tatishvili

Revaz Tatishvili

Data Engineer at DHL Group

Revaz has been working in the field of computer sciences for years, in several countries. He generally worked on data engineering and data science. He also worked as a software engineer. Revaz is experienced in Big Data analysis, in application of distributed systems, interactive analysis of data and deploying models and software in production.

From DevOps to DataOps – Challenges and Possibilities
Revaz will present the main areas of DevOps used in the distributed systems. He will also discuss Big Data management process and the need of data operations optimization using DevOps technologies. This talk also covers basics of DataOps.
Elene Latsoshvili

Elene Latsoshvili

Software Architect

Language agnostic software developer with 11+ years of experience. Freelance Toptal developer. Blogger at Highly interested in work process automation.

Automated Docs for Java REST API
Elene will describe several types of automated documentation and show how we can generate it based on automated tests. For an example she will use REST Docs library of Java Spring framework.
George Mamaladze

George Mamaladze

Software Architect

Senior Software Architect at Siemens Corporate Technologies, Consultant, Speaker. He is currently leading applied research in the area of cloud-based distributed architectures for industrial automation and energy management.

How Event Sourcing Makes DevOps’ Life Easier
Most of DevOps tasks are seen as a necessary, but still as a complementary part of a software system. In his talk George will share his experience with some industrial software where updatability and testability are built-in into the core architecture. He’ll also present architectural patterns and techniques around Event Sourcing that when consequently applied also help to solve many CI/CD issues.
Giorgi Chubinidze

Giorgi Chubinidze

Head of IT Administration at LB, CGEIT, PMP

Giorgi has been working in the IT field for more than 15 years. He worked on software development, IT project management and IT governance in both, government and banking organizations.

He has been working in the academic field for more than 10 years, giving lectures in Software Development, Software Architecture, IT Project Management and IT governance. Giorgi is certified PMP (Project Management Professional) and CGEIT (Certified in Governance of Enterprise IT).

Liberty Bank - Heading to DevOps Transformation
Giorgi will present the IT challenges that Liberty Bank is facing. He’ll also talk about the importance of DevOps for Liberty Bank in the development process and share the experience how DevOps implementation process works.
Vazha Asatiani

Vazha Asatiani

Software Engineer

Vazha has been working as a full stack developer for more than 9 years. He currently leads a team of front-end developers in Omedia. He also manages local development ecosystem. Vazha is interested in versatile process automation, type theory and typescript.

Better Dockerization of Traefik
Vazha will discuss dockerization of traefik. He’ll share his experience about the comfort and challenges traefik dockerization may create. He’ll also present the ways to handle the results to make traefik work as a god planned.

Team Adjarabet

Team Adjarabet

Adjarabet Team will share their experience about implementing DevOps technology. Team will be represented by Michael Peradze, Lasha Jojua and Gio Renix.

Michael is a Scrum master and Agile Coach. He works on optimizing agile processes. Lasha is a deputy Head Of IT Operations Department at Adjarabet. He has 9+ years of experience in IT and has worked in various fields like telecommunication, Cryptocurrency data centers and gambling. Gio is a Head Of Software Development and member of DevOps team at Adjarabet, with a developer background.

DevOps – Son of a Kaizen
The road to DevOps and beyond – 100% natural and 360° automated.

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